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If you are a Gate or Fencing installer looking to work with KingGate products, we have trade discounts available. To open a trade account please download CLICK HERE , fill the form and send it to

Have you seen our KingGate Specialist App available now?

With KING SPECIALIST the basic programming is very easy: automatic learning procedure, custom setting of the slowdown points, speed and direction of the motor. The App gives realtime feedback of trimmers values (motor power, obstacle sensitivity, delay, pause), Dip-switches and connections instructions.

Advanced settings: KING SPECIALIST has setting of AUX, HAZ and GSI outputs, management of inputs for photocells, setting of wired inputs, speed and slowdown points custom configuration, power saving mode (Standby), backjump adjustment and factory settings reset.

With KING SPECIALIST the procedure for memorizing remote radio controls near control panel is quick and easy, without having to access it. You can copy of transmitters functions. Management of MEMO 2000 module (remote controls backup and restore on replacement control board).

Through a login with password the installer can access a database of all its installations, schedule maintenance, restore all system parameters in case of failure, and program remote radio controls, from the office.

KING SPECIALIST is available on Apple Store and Play Store